Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photos of Interior Updates: Exterior Door and the Graves' Suite

As we mentioned in a previous post, we have made a few updates in the Main House.

Things have come a long way since my dad, Bob, helped us with the renovation and construction beginning back in 1995.

We recently painted the former front door of the main house (now a private entrance to the Graves' Suite) using a special paint from an American company, Fine Paints of Europe, that sources interior and exterior paints from Holland. The door had some cracks and was not it good shape. I filled the cracks with spackling and then followed the paint directions. Even though it is oil based, it dried very fast. Using their high quality paint, we were able to extend the life of this historic door. We ordered SK36, Holland LAC Brillant finish.

In addition to the front door, the Graves' Suite living room has undergone a makeover. It started with new upholstery on the tufted couch and led to the entire room being repainted in a coordinating shade of green.

Then I made curtains for the window (fabric and trim from Making Ends Meet in Shelbyville, Kentucky) and we made a few decorative accessory changes.

Coming Soon: Changes to Thomas' Room and Catharine's Room.

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