Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Improvement Project: Pot Rack

My husband, Bob, does a lot of things to improve the inn. In the kitchen, he created a pot rack over the window to store some of our copper pots and pans.

This project was in my mind for years. In all the homes we have lived, I have always wanted a pot rack similar to those sold at places like Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table.

We could never figure out how to center it over an area because the supports were never in the right place since we had rafters in the ceiling. The other issue for me was the rack’s mobility. When a pot rack hangs from the ceiling, it moves around when you try to hang a pot.

In our other house, Bob made a shelf at the kitchen window that we used for displaying items.

This time we decided to put up a shelf at the top of the windows and run a copper pipe through the brackets to create the pot rack. (The copper pipe was added with the rebar inside to keep the copper pipe from bending.)

If you decide to take on a similar project, you will need the following items:
  • One board the desired length of your space; depth is one foot. Poplar is a nice wood to use if you will be painting the piece.

  • Copper pipe approximately 3/4-inch wide. You will want the length to match your shelf. The pipe should be at least 6 inches away from the window so that the pans do not hit the glass.

  • Trim for the front of the board to give it a finished look.

  • Three brackets with openings for the pipe to run through under the shelf.

  • You will also need a few odds and ends like wood screws, wood filler, and paint.

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  1. That pot rack looks great. especially with all of the copper pots and pans that you have! Thanks for sharing with us how you made it. For sure has a lot of class and style!