Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Tips

Our golden rule of cleaning is to prepare a space for our guests that mirrors how we would like to be treated. The cleaning regime we use takes into account our concerns for guests’ welfare and our commitment to creating a pampering atmosphere.

A few tips from our routine that might work in your own home:

- On nice days, we like to put the sheets out to dry before ironing them. (Our tips for freshly ironed sheets can be found in this previous blog post.)

- One big tip is that we use alcohol to clean the toilets. We start by wiping the top and handle and then work our way down to every surface on the toilet. We still use toilet bowl cleaner, but using alcohol is great because it wipes off easily and really disinfects.

- We buy our disposable latex gloves in bulk because we use so many of them. They save our hands from drying out and keep down the germs since we are constantly changing into clean gloves.

- If you are remodeling or building a home, consider putting in air-jet tubs instead of the traditional water jets. The air jets are easy to sanitize since the water pushes out of the system so it does not harbor bacteria, the purging systems blows the channels clear after each use.

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