Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creating Space for Your Houseguests

Summer travel may being friends and family members to your home. Here are a few things that we think help to create a hospitable space for guests:

- Reading lights
- Good pillows (two kinds - stiff and soft - to help sit up in bed)
- A pampering bath robe
- Quality shower head with good water pressure
- Good magazines and current reading material
- Keep it simple, do not use too many decorations in a bedroom
- Try to limit your personal stuff so there will be enough surface for their things
- Add a small fan; cooler is better than hot for most people
- Open a window to let fresh air in
- Put some cookies on their pillow (our recipe can be found here)

But just remember people can be like fish - it goes bad in three days no matter how nice you make it!

(Or you can always refer them to a bed and breakfast in town!)

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