Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Plans

Are you one of the dedicated day-after-Thanksgiving shoppers? If so, you might want to consider the big city of Cincinnati for your shopping plans. The website lists a plethora of shopping destinations in the metro area. Our availability calendar may be helpful if you plan an overnight stay to recharge after your retail adventure. Pampering details such as air-jet whirlpool bathtubs, triple sheeting, down comforters, extra pillows, and plush robes and towels will be in place when you arrive, along with fresh baked cookies. You are welcome to bring your own wine or champagne to enjoy while you wind down, as glasses are provided. If you would like to extend your stay, our 15% Multiple Night Discount will apply to additional nights for guests in the retreat or suites.

If your muscles are store from walking through stores and standing in line to check-out, massages by Adrian Underhill are available in select rooms by appointment (for an additional fee). For more information, you can visit Adrian on the web at or call 513-503-5668.

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