Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taste of Cincinnati Festival: May 28-30, 2011

Looking for something to do over Memorial Day weekend?

P&G is sponsoring their Annual Taste of Cincinnati event. According to the website, it is the country's longest running culinary arts festival. For more information, visit:

Memorial Day Weekend
May 28 & May 29: Noon - Midnight
May 30: Noon - 9:00pm

Location: On six blocks of Fifth Street, from Race Street to Broadway in Downtown Cincinnati.

Parking: Convenient parking can be found in the Fountain Square Garage.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guest Notes

In each of our rooms we have a book that guests are welcome to sign. Other guests can benefit from notes about area activities and the guestbook entries give us feedback about what is important to our guests. When we are in the middle of cleaning rooms, it can really brighten our day to read what people have written about their stay.

A few weeks ago we had a young couple stay at the inn that really touched us. The bed and breakfast industry is sometimes focused on middle-aged and older adults, and we were thrilled to know that this young couple felt at home here and had an enjoyable experience.
"We had a wonderful time at Willis Graves! The innkeepers and the people who work there are so friendly and helpful. My husband and I are only 24 and we were concerned that we might feel out of place, that was not the case at all though. Not only were the prices reasonable for a young couple wanting to enjoy some time together, but the innkeepers and the guests were very embracing. We were actually late getting out one day because we ended up staying in the dining room talking with other couples and Nancy for over an hour! Our favorite part of the night was sitting on the back patio playing board games, drinking coffee, eating some of Nancy's wonderful cookies, and talking with another guest of the B and B. We are planning on getting my parents a gift certificate so they can enjoy this place as well."
Our thanks to this couple and all our guests who take time to share your experiences in the books. It truly makes our job meaningful to read your thoughts!