Monday, October 17, 2011

Boxwood Trimming Tips

Many people have boxwoods in their landscaping, but you may not realize how easy they are to trim yourself.

Earlier this summer, I trimmed our boxwoods. You can see the "before" picture below - look at the boxwood on the right.

To start, lay down an old sheet under the boxwood to catch all the trimmings. This protects the other landscaping plants too.

You'll want to hold the trimming shears straight down in a vertical line to trim the sides.

As you get closer to the top of the plant, you'll flip the shears in the other direction.

Use your hand to kind of "fluff" the branches to let the cut pieces fall loose to the sheet on the ground.

When you are finished, clean up is easy. Just roll up the sheet and then discard of the debris in your trash.

And then you are all finished! In our "after" picture you can see the how the trimmed boxwood on the right compares to the one on the left that wasn't finished yet.


  1. Is there a certain time of year you're supposed to trim them? Mine desperately need a haircut but I was always afraid it was the wrong time. Any ideas?

  2. Boxwood can be trimmed just about any time but it’s best to trim it sometime after the new growth comes out late Spring. The new growth is so nice. I’ve been known to trim some in the Winter to make Boxwood wreaths.