Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home Improvement Project: Pot Rack in Dan's Kitchen

You may remember a previous blog post about the pot rack that Bob added in our kitchen.

During a recent visit to see our son, Dan, we all worked together to add a new pot rack in his kitchen. This is another example of using the same construction in an area that has a soffit. When there is a soffit there is not room for a shelf above the rack. If you compare the two photos, you can see the difference.

Before the pot rack was completed the wood board that spans between both cabinets did not exist. The kitchen cabinets are just stock cabinets, but the wooden valence was added to make the cabinets look more custom. Dan and Bob made the wooden valence and added the small crown molding.

On the inside you can see the two brackets (old ones that Bob found at an antique store). Bob took all of the paint off and spray painted them black. The copper pipe was added with the rebar inside to keep the copper pipe from bending.

I filled, primed, and sanded all surfaces that were to be painted. We bought the hooks at the kitchen store Sur la Table.

The pots are ready to be used, and Dan has already used one to cook eggs!

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