Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mountain Biker Review

Our thanks to a recent guest, J.B., who took time to share pictures and information about the mountain bike terrain at nearby England-Idlewild Park (just a half mile away from the inn). For those who might enjoy a bike adventure during their stay, we thought we would pass along his writing and photos. Thanks again, J.B.!

"If you’re a mountain biker or recreational trail rider the England-Idlewild park is the perfect place to ride when staying at the Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast Inn.  It’s just a short ride from the Inn. The park’s rolling terrain is spider webbed with paved trails and bridges. If dirt is your preference then the hike n bike trails are great. You could ride for over an hour on the well maintained wide single-track over lumps, bridges, roots and through berms (banked turns). The hills were manageable even from a standing start. The trails are well marked and you’ll probably meet a friendly cyclist or two along the way. I know you’re on holiday but getting a ride in early before a fantastic breakfast might be worth it. Of course sleeping in here is good too and if you’re staying more than one night, problem solved. I hesitated about bringing my 29er at first, but it was worth the trouble because it just simply added to a great stay at the Inn."

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