Monday, October 26, 2015

Recent Cabin Restoration Details

Guests this Fall and Winter will notice our recent updates to the cabin restoration...

It started in early Spring, as we hired a painter to paint the main house and to seal the logs on the cabin. At that time we were only going to seal the logs and repair the chinking (the area between the logs) where needed. We went to a store called Log Home Center close to Noblesville, Indiana. We decided to use their products to seal the logs and the chinking. We bought top of the line products that included a 3-step process, to seal the cabin after fixing the chinking and cleaning the logs. We picked out a nice grey stain for the logs and the chinking. We bought what we thought was enough chinking for the repairs and we were on our way. The rest of the product was mailed to us because we needed to test the color on a section of one of the logs once we got home. 

Bob and I had a trip planned to visit our son and his family to help paint their house months in advance. With rain delays here, the painter had to switch his time to help us. He ended up working at our place a few days before our trip to Virginia. We were here when the first coat of the stain went on one side of the cabin, we all thought that it looked darker than what we thought it should be, but we decided that we liked it anyway and got on the road to Virginia. When we got to West Virginia our painter called and said that the second batch of stain was much lighter.

At that point we didn't know what batch was wrong. As it turned out the first batch was too dark and the second batch was the correct color. The painter was able to blend the light and dark together so it worked out - the good news is that we decided that we liked the new dark grey color.

About a month later the painter came back to finish the porches. We decided to keep the cedar stain that we used 11 years ago when the cabin was reconstructed. That produce is called Sikkens. The contrast between the grey and the cedar looks great.

As for the chinking, Bob and I worked side by side for more than a month on ladders making all repairs to the chinking. Every time we ordered chinking a few days later we ordered more. Not sure how much chinking we bought, Bob thinks about 40 small tubes and about 10 large tubes - that is a lot of chinking!! We worked in the hot sun and sometimes the nice shade. Sometimes we worked when big dark clouds were looming. At one point I told Bob that I would never say the word again (chinking). All the hard work paid off because now that its all done, it looks great. Some of our regular guests arrived when we were still working, so they got to see the changes in action.

Our sources for stains and finishes: The product called Sikkens ( is sold in different places throughout the country. We bought the product at an old hardware store in Cincinnati called Doppes J B Sons Lumber Company ( at 1001 Dalton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203. And we visited the Log Home Center ( at 16907 Mystic Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060.

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