Monday, March 14, 2016

Bob Brames

It is with sadness that we share with you that Nancy's Dad and Jean's husband, Bob Brames, passed on February 8th. Everyone who has walked through the bed and breakfast has seen Bob's handiwork as a master-carpenter, he poured sweat and determination into the renovation that began in 1991. In August 1995, with the project completed, the inn opened for business with Jean and Bob greeting guests during the early years. We give thanks for Bob's life and his legacy that is part of the entire inn. Nancy found the wonderful photos (below) that show how much hard work went into the Main House renovation - it was a whole family renovation with Nancy, Bob, Bob, Jean, and Mike all involved.


Robert (Bob) Joseph Brames, age 86, and a resident of Erlanger, died Monday February 8, 2016 at Baptist Village. He was a retired master carpenter and proudly served in the US Naval Reserve. Survivors include his wife Jean (nee Wehking) Brames of Erlanger, KY; Paula (Brames) Leifrig & spouse William (Bill) Leifrig of Richmond, TX; Nancy (Brames) Swartzel & spouse Dr. Robert (Bob) Swartzel of Burlington, KY; Michael Brames of Erlanger, KY; Todd Brames & spouse Anza Brames of Sugar Land, TX; Matthew (Matt) Brames & spouse Katherine Brames of Richmond, TX ; his sisters Jean Maloney of West Palm Beach ,FL , Mary Duffy and Ann Brames both of Indiana; and a brother Dr. Thomas (Tom) Brames of Vacaville, CA. Robert was the grandpa of 14 grandchildren and a great-grandpa to 13. A memorial service to celebrate Bob's life will be held on Wednesday, March 16th at the Linnemann Funeral Home in Burlington, KY from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Linnemann Funeral Home and Event Cente - See more at:


Inn Restoration Photos and Family Memories...

Before - Nancy's Dad, Bob Brames, out front - this photo was take just after the Swartzels bought it in 1991.

Main House Before

Siding Removed

Bob Swartzel applying the vapor barrier under the siding.
Removing Siding and the ugly porch - 1991

Bob Brames hanging doors
Bob Brames working in the Main House
Bob Brames outside with the new addition to the side of the Main House
Bob Brames working on the addition
Both Bobs! Nancy's Dad finding papers on the left, Nancy's husband Bob on the right.
Nancy's Mom, Jean, hammering
Nancy's brother, Mike, and Bob Swartzel behind him.

Just before the paint was going to be burned off. The photo also shows the 19th century construction of bricks, heavy timber and plaster. The plaster consists of animal hair, lime and sand. The ceiling of plaster was taken out by Nancy and her family to do proper wiring and a new ceiling. You can also see the heavy floor joist.

Bob, Jean, and Bob
Nancy inside the Main House

After all of the siding was removed - beautiful!
Nancy Gardening
Playing Horseshoes
Sheets on the line

Nancy's Mom, Jean, gardening
Grandpa's Littlest Apprentice - Bob and Nancy's son, Dan with Grandpa in the background
Making Cabinets
Nancy's parents always up for a fun time!
Bob with his dog; Bob was most likely about 18 years old. 
Nancy's sister, Mom, and Dad (and Nancy!) at dinner - around 2014. 
Nancy's Dad enjoying the front porch of the house that he restored along with the family's help
Great photo with grandchildren, Liz and Dan
Liz (Bob and Nancy's daughter) with Grandma and Grandpa

Dan (Nancy and Bob's son) with Grandma and Grandpa

Nancy's Dad, Bob, with two of his sisters, her mom, Nancy's cousin and Nancy

Hand of a Master Carpenter - Bob Brames

Jean and Bob at the Inn - taken by a local paper.

Nancy was about 4 years old so that makes this photo of her Dad with the sheep about 58 years old.

Tree house Grandpa built with Bob Swartzel and Dan. This was the Swartzels' house in Edgewood down in our woods - before they moved to the inn.

Both Bobs working on an addition to the inn.

Bob and Jean had an day long wedding. This photo was of a brunch that Nancy's Great Aunt had for her parents just after they were married.

The Happy Couple - Jean and Bob on their Wedding Day - they were married for 66 years.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    I'm not sure I have ever seen some of those before pictures of the Inn. It is truly remarkable the transformation that the Bobs were able to accomplish! A living legacy.